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Spinning and Aerobatics

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As well as being great fun, spinning and aerobatics training develops confidence and flying skills that apply in normal aircraft flying. From simple steep turns to aerobatic display sequences, we can guide you through the EASA Aerobatics Rating. 

Spinning has been removed from the compulsory requirements in PPL training, but we would recommend anyone undergoing the course to have a session of spin awareness training in our safe and professional training environment.

Currently TFC are only able to offer this training in your own aeroplane


FCL.800 Aerobatic rating

  1. (a) Holders of a pilot licence for aeroplanes, TMG or sailplanes shall only undertake aerobatic flights when they hold the appropriate rating.
  2. (b) Applicants for an aerobatic rating shall have completed:
    1. (1) at least 40 hours of flight time or, in the case of sailplanes, 120 launches as PIC in the appropriate aircraft category, completed after the issue of the licence;
    2. (2) a training course at an ATO, including:
      1. (i) theoretical knowledge instruction appropriate for the rating;
      2. (ii) at least 5 hours or 20 flights of aerobatic instruction in the appropriate aircraft category.
  3. (c) The privileges of the aerobatic rating shall be limited to the aircraft category in which the flight instruction was completed. The privileges will be extended to another category of aircraft if the pilot holds a licence for that aircraft category and has successfully completed at least 3 dual training flights covering the full aerobatic training syllabus in that category of aircraft.