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The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) is your licence to fly! From taking family on holiday to Europe to a simple summer evening’s flight to watch the sunset, your PPL will be a unique skill that will provide you with years of satisfaction, excitement and the most beautiful views around!

At Turweston, we offer both the Private Pilot’s Licence and the LAPL(A) course. The PPL requires 45 hours of training flight time and the LAPL requires 30 hours. Most students obtain their licence between 45 to 65 hours to complete the course, and so we recommend the PPL course for most people.

For the flying, we have four PA28 Warriors available for PPL training. They are well established and reliable training aircraft that provide a sound basis on which to develop your piloting skills. For the ground study, we have a fully equipped briefing room and a separate planning room with internet access for weather and NOTAM pre-flight preparation.

To ensure good progress throught the course we would recommend flying at least once a week, but progress can be tailored to suit individual budgets and availability. We are also able to offer intensive training courses where you will fly twice per day and which will achieve rapid progress towards a licence.

In addition to the flying tests, there are nine multiple choice theory tests for which we offer instruction.  

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