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Night Rating

For some of the most stunning views or if just for peace of mind when flying in winter, a night qualification is a must. 5 hours of flying training is all that’s required to open up the night sky to the PPL.

During the winter months we offer the night rating at Turweston and we have well equipped airfields situated close by to offer a variety of night training options.


FCL.810 Night rating

(a) Aeroplanes, TMGs, airships.

(1) If the privileges of an LAPL or a PPL for aeroplanes, TMGs or airships are to be exercised in VFR conditions at night, applicants shall have completed a training course at an ATO. The course shall comprise:

  1. (i) theoretical knowledge instruction;
  2. (ii) at least 5 hours of flight time in the appropriate aircraft category at night, including at least 3 hours of dual instruction, including at least 1 hour of cross-country navigation with at least one dual cross-country flight of at least 50 km and 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full-stop landings. 

(2) Before completing the training at night, LAPL holders shall have completed the basic instrument flight training required for the issue of the PPL.

(3) When applicants hold both a single-engine piston aeroplane (land) and a TMG class rating, they may complete the requirements in (1) above in either class or both classes.